Drivers in Watford are the most accident-prone in the UK, according to a survey.

A study of more than 5.5 million car insurance enquiries made through MoneySuperMarket, across 124 locations, revealed more than a fifth of motorists in Watford have been involved in a car crash in the last five years.

Nearby St Albans and Hemel Hempstead came second and third in the list of 124 places.

The figures obtained show 22.26 per cent of drivers in Watford have been involved in a crash followed by 21.89 per cent in St Albans, 21.44 per cent in Hemel Hempstead, 21.02 per cent in Sutton, and 20.92 per cent in Slough.

The figures are only from enquiries made through MoneySuperMarket.

The least accident-prone places were Outer Hebrides, Lerwick, Kirkwall, London EC (part of Central London) and Isle of Man (varying between 9.21 per cent and 11.67 per cent).

The UK average is 17.67 per cent.

Even though they’ve recently started driving, 5.50 per cent of 17-19 year olds have been involved in a car accident. 15.62 per cent of 20-24 year olds have been involved in an accident in the past five years, compared to a fifth (20.67 per cent) of 40-49s. Over 65s are the third safest age bracket, with just 17.36 per cent involved in an accident, while 30-39 year olds (19.82 per cent) have the second highest accident rate.

The gender breakdown shows that women (19.00 per cent) are involved in more car accidents than men (16.66 per cent).