An MP spoke in Parliament in support of a family who need access to medical marijuana for their daughter, who has epilepsy.

Watford MP Richard Harrington asked the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care last week about improving the access to medication for vulnerable families.

Since the change to the law in November 2018, doctors on the specialist register of the General Medical Council have been able to prescribe cannabis-based products for medical use.

Mr Harrington has since been working closely with families in Watford to improve the access to vital medications for the children, especially those who suffer from epilepsy.

Richard Harrington said: “I would like to thank my Rt. Hon. Friend Sir Mike Penning for bringing this question forward, and I thank the Secretary of State for his answer.

“My constituents the Levys came to see me about their daughter, Fallon, who has LGS epilepsy. Her consultant neurologist has told the family that the actual logistics of the prescribing has not yet been worked out.

“Why is this the case, and what can be done to ensure that Fallon has access to the necessary medication as soon as possible?”

Richard Harrington has also previously been a supporter of the ‘End Our Pain’ campaign, whose main aim is to improve patient’s access to medical cannabis.

Secretary of State for Health and Social Care Matt Hancock MP said: “I should like my Hon. Friend to write to me with the exact details of that case.

“The process for prescription by someone on the specialist register is well trodden. It is used for all sorts of unlicensed drugs, and it should be available.

“We are making a second opinion available to ensure that it can be brought to bear in cases such as these.

“I am interested in hearing about specific case, this applies to everyone, not just to my Hon. Friend So that we can ensure that the appropriate clinical decisions can be made.”

Since his question on April 8 Mr Harrington has also written to the Secretary of State to keep pushing for Fallon to be able to access the medication that she needs.