All of these beautful photos of Herts were taken by members of the Watford Observer Camera Club, a Facebook-based group.

The group is open to all photographers – from those who snap pictures on their phones, to professionals who capture the perfect scenes.

This month the task was to take a pretty picture of our county, make it a celebration!

There are now 450 members and it’s growing week by week.

Every month the camera club is set a new challenge, a theme is given and the hard work starts. A £50 voucher is handed to the winner - along with the kudos of winning and seeing their name in lights.

All of these images were taken by the talented camera club members.

To find out more, search Watford Observer Camera Club on Facebook. Ask to join, and we’ll accept you.

Pictures by:

Allan Jackson - dandelion

Angela Scott - Bunkers Lane Park

Angela Scott - Hertfordshire honey

Barrington Grant

Donald McDougall - swanning around

Iain Nibbsy - Ashridge Forest

Lisa Soryano

Rabindranath Martins - it must be spring