Out trying to win over votes for their local candidate, the Watford Labour Party was canvassing the public outside Watford Junction Station.

Joined by Stephen Pound, the MP for Ealing North and Watford’s Parliamentary Candidate Chris Ostrowski they campaigned alongside activists for Central ward Labour candidate Emma Kosmin.

Stephen said: “The sheer energy of the Watford Labour team was awesome and Emma's local knowledge won many converts to the Labour cause.

“She's a great candidate and with a little more work she'll be a brilliant councillor for her home ward.

“It was an honour to be out on the doorstep with Emma and the Watford team.”

Emma Kosmin, candidate for Central Ward said: “It was great for Stephen to come down and support us in our election campaign.

“With only a difference of 58 votes between us and the Liberal Democrats, every vote in Central is crucial for Labour to make Watford better."