A supposed ‘cat killer’ is believed to have struck again after a cat was found dead in Oxhey on Sunday morning.

The cat was discovered by a child and review of the animal’s injuries were carried out by a vet today.

A statement on animal rescue charity’s SNARL’s Facebook page on Sunday said: “We confirm that we are investigating an incident which has occurred in the WD19, Oxhey Village area.

“One of our team attended this morning and whilst we are awaiting a vet review of the injuries we believe the death of this cat to be linked to our investigation.

“The family has children, one of whom found the body and has asked specifically for their location not to be shared here or elsewhere on social media.

“Our thoughts are with the family today. Rest in peace little one xx”.

SNARL is linking the Oxhey incident to its animal killer investigation.

The Metropolitan Police initially launched an investigation in December 2015 under the name Operation Takahe after SNARL (South Norwood Animal Rescue and Liberty) raised concerns about a series of cats found dead and missing their heads and tails.

But SNARL continues to dispute findings by the Met Police in September which suggested that foxes were to blame for the deaths and that it was not the work of a person.

Boudicca Rising, from SNARL, is in no doubt the injuries suffered by the cat were ‘human related’.

Ms Rising said: “The injuries sustained by this cat in Oxhey are the same that we have seen on other animals.

"Also, foxes don’t return body parts in pristine condition six months later. This is the work of a human.”

Similar incidents have been reported in St Albans and Watford.