Technology is being put into homes to combat water waste.

Water companies across the UK, including Anglian Water, are trialling smart home technology solutions to help reduce water wastage in the regions.

Anglian, Northumbrian and South East Water are running pilots of Hive’s Leak Sensor technology with their customers, which will see Hive Sensors being put into thousands of homes.

The technology monitors water lost as a result of everyday plumbing problems – such as dripping taps and leaking toilets – and has been proven to significantly reduce wastage and save water.

John Gutch, head of product at Hive Leak Sensor, explained: “Without technology, it is extremely difficult for us to find a leak or recognise where water is being lost or wasted in our homes.

“But based on the data we have already seen from our sensors, we predict that if just 30 per cent of all homes in the UK used technology to monitor their own water flow, it would reduce the number of reported leaks from 2.3 million to 540,000 over a year.

“This is pretty astonishing and could help the nation seriously reduce its water wastage.”