An exhibition will celebrate the selfless and generous acts of people in the community.

The South Oxhey Community Heroes exhibition, which sets out to shine a light on everyday people in the community who do their part to be kind and help others, will take place tomorrow.

The exhibition was organised by photographer Rebecca Yusaf, who took the photos of the 13 people who were nominated to be featured.

An award will be presented to the overall winner.

Rebecca said: “I saw an article in the Watford Observer about local heroes. I took this opportunity to do something more local and to raise the profile of South Oxhey.”

She said: “The exhibition is about acknowledging the heroes that live amongst us, these are the people that provide a stable presence that strengthens and supports this community.

“I hope that this will encourage others to do the same.”

Three Rivers district councillor Phil Williams will be present for the opening of the photographic exhibition, which will display photos of the nominees including quotes from people about why they have been nominated.

Rebecca added: “I am a keen photographer, so this is very exciting for me and I have also been taken aback by the acts of kindness that others do in this community.

“I didn’t grow up in South Oxhey but this is now my community and I wanted to share with others what an amazing place it is.”

Rebecca is hoping to hold more exhibitions in the future that will hopefully give other people in her community the chance for recognition.

Rebecca said: “Depending on how the events goes there may be future exhibitions but the focus might be on something else such as young people, disability or our elders.”

The exhibition will take place this Saturday from 10.45am onwards for one day only, the event was organised with the help of Mike Flynn from ‘Snappy Snaps’ who printed the photos for the exhibition.