The Met Police has confirmed all the charges alleged serial rapist Joseph McCann faces.

McCann, 34, of Aylesbury, was due to appear at Westminster Magistrates’ Court yesterday but he refused to and the hearing took place at HM’s Prison Belmarsh.

All charges have been brought in connection with a series of alleged offences committed between April 21 and May 6.

On Wednesday, 8 May, Joseph McCann was charged with the following:

Watford: One count of kidnap and one count of rape

London: Two counts of kidnap; four counts of rape, one count of false imprisonment, two counts of causing a female 13 or over to engage in a non-penetrative sexual activity and one count of assaulting a female 13 and over by penetration with part of body/a thing.

On May 9 he was further charged as follows:

Lancashire: One count of false imprisonment, one count of assault, the rape of a woman 16 years of age and over, assault of a female 13 and over by penetration with part of body/a thing, rape of a boy under 13 and one count of inciting a boy under 13 to engage in sexual activity.

Manchester: One count of kidnap, rape a woman 16 years of age or over and non-penetrative sexual activity with a girl 13 –15.

He has been remanded and will appear at the Old Bailey on 23 May.

Officers from the Met’s Homicide and Major Crime Command continue to investigate.

A file remains with the CPS while further charges are considered.