Sir Vince Cable urged voters to get behind his party at the upcoming European Parliament elections during a visit to Watford.

The Liberal Democrat party leader went to Sigma, a family-owned pharmaceutical wholesaler based in Imperial Way, where he was given a tour of the factory.

He then visited newly-opened The Mood Café, a vegan eatery in Queens Road.

Sir Vince was joined in Watford by two Lib Dem Members of the European Parliament (MEP) candidates for the East of England; Barbara Gibson and Lucy Nethsingha.

Watford Observer: Watford Observer:

Sir Vince was given a tour of Sigm'a factory

The party leader spoke to the Watford Observer about Brexit and also his party’s performance at the local elections last week.

He said: “The Lib Dems are committed to the EU and early polls suggest people are getting behind us. We only have one vote and this is a chance to get a clear message across.”

The Lib Dems have campaigned for a second referendum and a People’s Vote. Candidate Barbara Gibson added: “The best way to achieve a People’s Vote is to get as much of the remain vote as possible. It will be Brexit v Remain. Now that people know what Brexit is, we can send that message.”

Watford Observer:

Barbara Gibson, pictured, is among the Lib Dem candidates for the European Parliament elections

The Lib Dems performed well locally in our corner of Hertfordshire. They retained control in Watford and Three Rivers, took control away from the Conservatives in St Albans, and won seats for the first time in 12 years in Hertsmere.

Sir Vince said: “Watford is a stronghold. The problems we had years ago have largely gone. We kept going and we were in a strong position to bounce back.

“I see lots of parallels between this area and south west London where we had five MPs in a row.”

Watford Observer:

Sir Vince talks with Lib Dem MEP candidate Lucy Nethsingha

The Mayor of Watford, Peter Taylor, who accompanied Sir Vince on his visit to Sigma, added: “When we spoke to people during the local election campaign, they told us they would vote for us locally but not nationally. Now they tell us they are Lib Dem voters.

“Public opinion has changed in Watford. We now have overwhelming support.”