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Casino Heroes is regarded for having what is perhaps one of the most unusual methods of delivering loyalty bonuses. Aiming to be different, the site has chosen to offer its loyalty deals via a series of challenges, known as worlds.

By working through various worlds and “island hopping” between them, the casino’s players can, in theory, complete trials and tribulations (much like an RPG - role playing game) to land specific offers. This system differs entirely from those at rival sites and has seen a small crowd of players choose to join the casino to experience this new way to play.

The Island Hopping Features

Like any loyalty program, the objective of the island hopping feature is to acquire perks and privileges such as bonuses and promos. This is done by completing challenges, and there are three difficulty levels to choose from. Treasure Island is the simplest, followed by Rock of Riches. The most challenging of the three tiers is the Mythical Mountains world/island, which has a three-star rating.

The various islands are open to all players, although those who are members at Casino Heroes are likely going to want to complete all three, as this would result in the most bonuses and deals being acquired.

Challenges and Competitions

Once players have begun to explore the worlds at Casino Heroes , the array of challenges and tasks becomes clear. There are approximately 20 treasures to collect, and 39 bosses (which must be fought and overcome) in the Treasure Island world. Advancing to the Rock of Riches island offers 15 treasures and 21 bosses. Lastly, the Mythical Mountain stage promises 12 treasures and just 10 bosses.

When treasures are acquired, and bosses are defeated, a wealth of offers become available which players can use to expand the gambling experience available at the casino. It sounds complex, but the number of players partaking in the loyalty program implies that there is fun to be had.

An Original and Proven Success Story

Aside from Lucky Niki (which is the Japanese equivalent of the site), Casino Heroes is the only place where such a loyalty system is known to exist. Although difficult to get to grips with at first, and complicated in terms of how prizes are delivered, the program has proven to be quite successful for the site. For players looking for a touch of something different, Casino Heroes is on hand to provide that originality they crave.

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