A dog died after it was hit by a cyclist in a park.

The dog had to be put down after the incident near Café Cha in Cassiobury Park on Thursday morning.

It is not clear exactly what happened but the Observer has been told the dog sustained a broken back. It is not known whether the cyclist stopped at the scene.

A vet arrived around 30 minutes after the dog was hit.

Watford Observer:

It happened near the circled area of the park

Dog walker John Cacciapuoti, who heard from other dog walkers in the park, believes the pet’s death should serve as a warning.

Mr Cacciapuoti, who visits the park almost every day, said: “It is worrying. The council has spent a lot of money at the park but maybe we need something on speed awareness, for example speed signs.

“Perhaps cyclists need to be careful and be aware that dogs and even children use this park too. This time it was a dog, next time it could be a child.

“I do not want to blame anyone but sadly this has happened and we all need to be aware of each other. Dog walkers need to be aware too.”

Mayor of Watford Peter Taylor was at Watford Borough Council-owned Cassiobury Park on the Thursday, shortly after the incident happened. He spoke to the owner of the dog who was killed.

Responding to calls for increased safety measures at the park, Mr Taylor said: “This was a very sad incident and I know it will be extremely upsetting for the dog’s owners. It is important that anyone who cycles in our town does this safely and responsibly.

“I will be reviewing the situation in Cassiobury Park and looking to see what improvements can be made. It is important that people who are walking and those on bikes can have a pleasant and safe experience when they visit this fantastic park.”