I’m sure we all know somebody who seems to have a phrase for every occasion.

When I was growing up, that person was my grandad. A day was never described as windy, it was always “good yachting weather”.

A room was not full but was “like Clapham Junction” and a glass of tap water was “corporation pop”.

As he grew older, my grandad’s short-term memory started to fade but these phrases never left him.

As our population ages, dementia is becoming ever more common. Many of us know someone who has been affected and I am determined to make a Watford an even better town for those living with the condition and their carers.

You will have read in the pages of the Watford Observer this week about the upcoming Dementia Action Week (May 20 to 25). This will be an opportunity to raise awareness of dementia and help support more than 1,000 people living with the condition in Watford.

During the week there will be a free lunch and tour of Watford FC for carers, a virtual reality bus to allow people to experience what it is like to live with dementia, a concert with Herts Musical Memories, a pampering day and sessions to become a Dementia Friend. To find out more about these events, and book a place, please visit www.dementiafriendlywatford.com.

Since this project started, I’ve discovered so many activities that local groups already offer. Businesses and many local organisations are working together to make small improvements so that people living with dementia can lead active, purposeful lives and carry on doing the things that matter to them most. I am looking forward to this work continuing in the months ahead and the positive impact it will have on the lives of so many local people.

  • Peter Taylor is Elected Mayor of Watford