A woman who spends her time helping blind people despite herself having limited vision has won a community hero award.

Wendy Churchill, 75, from Borehamwood was put forward for the award due to her selfless devotion knitting and selling items for Watford Social Centre for The Blind, as well as teaching Braille.

Wendy was born with German measles, leaving left her partially sighted, but in 1991 she fell down two staircases, landing on her head and shoulders.

Afterwards, it was found she was developing macular degeneration and she was registered as technically blind. She joined the blind centre as a member in 1992.

Wendy said: “I can still read, I read in church, but I need the writing to be blown up to 75 point and even then, I can still make mistakes.

“For the first six years at the club I was just a member however one of the helpers was ill and I was asked to help and since then I never looked back.”

Wendy helps the club by knitting items to sell, which helps keep the club going so they can continue to improve the lives of their members.

She added: “When you lose your sight you lose your confidence and you can make holes while knitting and need to have it checked by a sighted person.

“One of them taught me how to sew seams together for our knitting squares and I could begin to start helping more.

“The club is there to help you get back on track after sight loss and show you that you can do things. It is a real lifeline for me.”

Wendy has also devoted her time to teaching people first grade Braille so that blind people are able to write letters to keep in touch and socialise.

She has also managed to raise money for charities in her area through her church again through crafts she has made.

She added: “Just before Easter my church managed to raise £76 through selling hand made baskets, the money was then donated to a dementia club.

“We also make knitted dolls which people request however we ask they donate to charity in exchange for us making them.”

The Watford Observer community hero award offers the chance for people in the community to nominate those who do acts of good will.