After the death of a dog in Cassiobury Park, many people may have been asking questions about who or what is blame. Without knowing exactly what happened, it is impossible to say.

So is it possible to prevent distressing events like this, and keep the park open and fun for all who want to use it?

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Should cyclists be banned from Cassiobury Park or should dog walkers be told to keep their pets under control?

Questions we should consider are whether there should be a speed limit for cyclists, or stricter rules on dog walkers in the park.

It is an increasingly busy green space – one where rickshaws for the elderly were recently brought in - and the council pumping millions into improving pools and other facilities has only made the park more hectic.

There are people there simply to enjoy themselves, and recreational cyclists as well as commuters passing through. Some paths are off limits to cyclists - but this does not mean they do not ride there.

From the perspective of a cyclist who must go through the park to get to work or go home, it can be hazardous, with dogs off leads or even people meandering in the way.

However, there is a responsibility for cyclists who must be aware of the pedestrians. As harmless as a bicycle looks it can still seriously injure people.

Cyclists should maybe be more aware and use their bells more often, or failing that slow down when travelling on a footpath used by dog walkers and families with children.

Dog owners must also pay heed. If they are unable to control their animal in the park, then maybe they should think twice before taking it off the lead.

In other circumstances, the person who was riding the bike could possibly have been hurt or even killed if they had fallen off their bike.

A park is supposed to be a fun place where people can go to relax, not somewhere with a list of rules and by-laws.

This dog's death may well have been a tragic accident, but we should all make sure we are aware of the safety of others.