I am 78-years-old and I live at Northgrove Cottages, and have done for almost half a century. In this time I have seen my valley grow and change and realise this must be so.

But having seen the bluebell wood opposite my house ripped to pieces by a six-lane motorway (since increased to eight lanes) I must object to the plan to build a motorway service station on what is left of the green belt. This will cause the A41 to go from being busy to impossible. It will also be detrimental to at least three local fuel stations as well as local accommodation and probably food and drink outlets as well.

Since this complex is designed to service the motorway, I see no need for it to be sited at a junction as it is being suggested. Moto says the site at Maple Cross is too small. Is this because of the supposed need for 1,000 plus parking spaces or the 100 bed accommodation, or the retail complex? Also, what news on the rival’s bid straddling the motorway, just past Maple Cross?

Neither of the Maple Cross sites would cause the same amount of damage as the A41 site. It appears to me that Moto is trying to exploit the supposed need for a fuel stop to maximise a business opportunity in the green belt.

In view of the considerable increase in house building and a possible transport hub near the railway station, this site should not go ahead.

One or two afterthoughts - almost all the heavy goods drivers sleep in their cabs, so I suggest a check is done on the size of parking/accommodation that needs to be supplied, as they do not agree with the percentage figures issued.

Realising where I live, my turn out onto the A41 is where the proposed bus stop would be sited. In order to get out of my road, it’s best to open the window, as if somebody times the light right, they arrive from around a blind corner at 50-60mph, giving you approximately three seconds to duck.

The thought of a stationary bus and people walking across four lanes of traffic, well, you imagine it. Add in a picnic area on the new roundabout to watch the traffic cross the northbound lanes.

Colin Felton

Northgrove Cottages, Kings Langley