In the absence of a written constitution, we live in a fake democracy.

It is inconceivable, in this day and age, that a newly independent nation in the West would adopt our political system which, over the centuries, was made up as it went along.

Very few outsiders fully understand how Parliament works. Arcane procedures and quaint customs that might have been the norm two hundred years ago have made Westminster a laughing stock around the world. There has to be major reform - now, not later - of the way we do politics.

Take, for example, the peerage system. The House of unelected Lords is, with some notable exceptions, reserved for party loyalists and benefactors. Peerages are given for life, we have no say in the matter and we cannot express an opinion about them at the polls.

Parliament must come to its senses and acknowledge that a true and transparent democracy is long overdue.


South Oxhey