Latest story: Walkabout sickness may be norovirus

A bar in Watford town centre is closed this evening after a number of clubbers reportedly fell ill after visiting at the weekend.

Walkabout has confirmed an investigation has been launched, while Watford Borough Council has said that it is aware of a number of reports of people falling ill following a night out in Watford.

On social media today, many reported suffering from sickness after they went to the Australian bar on Saturday. They added they knew of friends and family who had begun to get ill the following evening.

At this stage, the source of the outbreak is unknown.

A spokeswoman for Walkabout said: "I can confirm that Walkabout has been temporarily closed while we investigate the situation. The site will remain closed for the rest of today but we expect to reopen shortly."

Cllr Karen Collett, responsible for the community at Watford Borough Council, added: "Our team of environmental health officers is aware of a number of reports of people being ill following an afternoon or evening out in Watford at the weekend.

"We are working with Public Health to identify the source of the incidents and minimise any further spread."

Walkabout reopened at the end of last year following a £400,000 investment.

If you believe you have been affected, contact the council's enivironmental health department on 01923278503 or email