A mannequin dressed as Superman was unceremoniously snatched from a wall outside a fancy dress shop, the owner has said.

Jean Harper, owner of the Masquerade Fancy Dress shop in Langley Road, Watford, arrived at her store on this morning (Wednesday, May 22) to find her beloved superhero mannequin had vanished.

She believes "childish" thieves stole the model after she left the shop last night.

For the past eight years, the mannequin has been dressed in a range of superhero costumes to attract customers and provide amusement for children passing by.

Owner Jean Harper said: “Our superman has flown away with the help of a thief and a ladder.

Watford Observer:

“I’m really upset to lose it however it’s amazing what people will steal.

“I’m very disappointed that somebody could be so childish to take an advertisement symbol that bring such joy to children.

“We’re going to take our spider man down today and put it up higher up so it can’t be reached as we don’t want anything else to be taken away that gives pleasure for people.

“Over the years people asked to buy it off us but we say no because it gives people such joy.”