A service station that would be built on the Green Belt will take another 30 days to come up with a decision - because the applicant changed its name.

Moto Hospitality Ltd has changed its name on the application to Moto Hospitality Ltd and The Cayzer Will Trust.

This means due to administrative purposes the process to make a decision on the development will have to take another month.

All consultations will now be reopened and anyone who object or support the development can make themselves heard.

Moreover, the Leader of Three Rivers Council Sara Bedford said that there is no need to resubmit any comments as everything already stands.

Sara Bedford said: "There is no need to resubmit any comments, as anything already submitted still stands.

"There are no changes to the proposed development or any of the submitted plans or supporting reports.

"All existing public comments remain relevant and will be considered, and there is no need for any comments to be resubmitted unless the change of ownership is considered to raise any new planning issues."