A wheelchair user says she was left stranded after a bus driver told everyone to get off before the end of the journey.

Angela Sole, 57, was already fed up after four W10 Arriva buses never appeared in High Street, Watford, on May 30.

She finally boarded the bus to take her home to Leavesden at around 11.25am.

But the packed bus was in Gammons Lane when Mrs Sole says the driver stood up and told everyone to “get off the bus”.

She said: “He seemed so angry and told everyone to get off.

"Everyone piled off and got onto a service behind.

"I’d waited more than an hour for a bus to turn up, only to get thrown off. The driver said ‘I can do what I want, it’s my effing right’.

“Everyone was going mad but they got off. But I couldn’t move because my wheelchair is manual and I was just stuck.

"My husband had gone off to see what was happening. It was just me, an elderly woman, and two children.

“I thought I was stranded and I was just wondering what was going on. Everyone was going mad. I think it is out of order that this happened.”

Mrs Sole believes a confrontation with a passenger, who had left the bus, may have sparked the driver into doing what he did.

After some time, the driver returned to the bus and completed the rest of the journey.

Mrs Sole’s usual 30-minute journey to Leavesden took just shy of two hours, arriving at her home in Hope Green at 1.15pm.

Arriva said it has launched an internal investigation.

A spokesman said: "All complaints about our drivers or routes are taken very seriously and are dealt with in line with company policy, with the aim of stopping the reoccurrence of such incidents.

"An internal investigation into this particular incident is underway, and we would like to offer our apologies to the passenger in question for the inconvenience they may have faced."

Meanwhile, Mayor of Watford Peter Taylor described Arriva’s performance in Watford as “simply not good enough”.

He added: “A number of residents have contacted me about Arriva and I'm taking up this with both Arriva and the county council.

“It's becoming clear that we need better buses in the town and that's why I am working to improve our public transport, Next year I'll be introducing a new app based On Demand bus service, which will help people get round our town more easily.”