A street resurfacing job has been described as “appalling” by a councillor.

Cllr Andrew Scarth says he has received several complaints from neighbours after micro-surfacing took place in two streets near Oxhey towards the end of May.

The councillor says chips have been left all over Brookside Road and The Willows, following work by Hertfordshire County Council's contractors, Kiely Brothers.

Watford Observer:

He said: “The new road surface is already lifting up to expose the old one beneath it, and it had only been down a week.

“The micro-surfacing is so thin that when a driver turns his front wheels, the new layer is pushed away. The quality of workmanship is appalling.

“I have taken phone calls from residents including Oliver Newman. He is a fed up resident. What they are really annoyed about is what a total waste of taxpayer’s money this is.”

Watford Observer:

Watford Observer:

People living in the two streets were told to move their cars on May 23 and May 24 but work was only carried out on May 24 and Cllr Scarth says the council's contractors had left by 9.30am.

Mr Newman added: “The job is disappointing, We have been waiting more than 30 years for work to be done.

“Anybody who lives here or walks by will notice that something is seriously wrong.”

Cllr Scarth has pointed towards a similar job which Kiely Bros has carried out in Carpenders Park which he says is completely fine.

The county council says it has inspected the site and found some “minor defects” in The Willows.

A spokeswoman for the council said: “As with any micro-surfacing, after the works are completed there will be loose stones on the surface for a number of weeks as some stones naturally loosen from the surface of the new material.

“The new surface will also have a rough appearance to start with. Once the surface has bedded in, the new micro-asphalt surface will look like any other road.

“As usual, the next phase of works will include further sweeping to remove loose stones followed by the replacement of road markings.

“There have been some minor defects identified in The Willows which have been picked up by our inspectors and passed to the contractor to rectify at their own cost.”