If someone rang you up and offered you a trip to Madrid and back in a car that cost just £40, you would think they were winding you up.

But for lifelong Tottenham Hotspur fan Richard Jennings, that was exactly what happened – and the man on the other end of the phone was being deadly serious.

YouTuber Simon Wilson’s road trip to the Spanish capital has gone viral and Tesco worker Richard from Watford was there every step of the way.

Liverpool supporter Simon had a ticket for the Champions League final but when he looked at flights to Madrid, he was shocked by the prices.

So instead, Simon, who makes a living creating videos off travelling to far-away places on a budget, set himself an almighty challenge.

On Facebook, he managed to find a Skoda Favorit GLXi for an unbelievable price of just £40. But would it be enough to get them to the final?

Watford Observer:

The Skoda Favorit cost just £40 after Simon Wilson found the car on Facebook

Simon, who was joined by driver and brother Ben, and friend Mark, had one seat left in the Skoda and the YouTuber knew exactly who he wanted to invite.

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He and Richard had previously taken part in a three-day challenge trip to Slovenia and with Spurs in the European final, Richard was never going to reject an opportunity to go.

He said: “I didn’t have a ticket for the match but to be out there for the final was unbelievable. I was watching Watford in the FA Cup Final when Simon gave me a ring and I didn’t believe him but then he showed me a picture of the car.”

The journey to Madrid in the Skoda, which began on May 29 and was also the day of Richard’s wedding anniversary, took two-and-a-half days and incredibly the car made it.

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Richard added: “There were some close moments. On the ferry to France, we lost a pipe which helps to cool the engine down. So it was really hot inside the car.

“Then every couple of hundred miles or so, we heard a new rattle. The fastest speed we got up to was about 65mph. We had no back-up plan if the car failed so we would have had to hitchhike to Madrid.”

Watford Observer:

The journey back in the Skoda with three Liverpool fans was not so fun for Richard – having seen his team lose 2-0 – but he had no regrets going.

The trip to Madrid and back was filmed by Simon, and the first of three videos has already been watched nearly two million times.

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Richard, who got home late Tuesday night, said: “We didn’t realise how much this video was going to take off. I have so many messages from people saying they recognised me. It was an incredible experience.”