In a climate of Trump facts, Brexit and misleading claims from Boris about giving the NHS £350 million, it’s important to keep an eye on the local issues that affect us most. last week sent a letter to the local NHS offering them a way to get a new hospital back on track. In the letter, we outlined a way to resolve their self-imposed £350 million cap. Working with a local landowner and government departments, we have found a way to achieve an excellent solution as opposed to the (their word not ours) compromised options on the table at present.

Our belief is that a centrally located hospital that is accessible to everyone in West Herts would (if coupled with hubs in each town) benefit the whole region and stop the “divide and conquer”, and “I’m all right jack” behaviour currently seen across West Herts.

Next Thursday the public will be “informed” of the shortlist options that have yet to include our proposal. I urge everyone to come along to the meeting to support our proposal and to urge the local NHS to be brave enough to make a generational step change. More details are available at

Steve Day