A dog owner said he was shocked upon discovering the casket for his beloved border collie had arrived on his doorstep broken in two.

Steve Hine's border collie named Buster, aged eight, died after collapsing during an afternoon walk on May 6.

The electrician, 64, from South Oxhey, immediately took him to Vets Now in Pinner. Vets found Buster had a brain tumour and he was later put down.

Mr Hine then contacted Cambridge Pet Crematorium (CPC) to order a casket on the same day to hold Buster’s ashes which cost him £112. 

But when the casket arrived nearly three weeks later on May 24, Mr Hine who was still grieving for his dog said he was "gutted" to find it was falling apart. He spent almost a week pushing for compensation.

Watford Observer:

The crematorium has now offered full compensation for the stress caused and replaced the casket on May 28. They originally only offered £11 to Mr Hine for postage and packaging.

Mr Hine said: “They offered a £11 (compensation) but I didn’t want it. It’s my dog that was being buried, it’s an insult. I feel I’ve been treated unfairly on my dog’s behalf and I feel unjust for the family.

“He will be dearly missed by the family and by the people where we take him for a walk. They were such a part of his life because he was very cheeky.” 

He added: “When Buster collapsed, he fell apart. He was crying and crying. When I took him to Vets Now, they tried to help him, but they couldn’t.

Watford Observer:

(The broken casket being held together)

“I took his collar off and I told them it’s up to them now. Within three minutes of the injection, he was gone.

“When I pass away, he’s coming with me. He was like a brother to me wherever I went, he went."

He continued: "It's been a month today. My other dog Diesel is still mourning. People over the park can’t believe it’s a month.

"Buster was part of the family and is thoroughly missed, especially by Diesel. He looks for him everyday, it's heartbreaking - especially in the morning when I come down and he used whack the door kitchen door and say, 'Hurry up I wanna go out.'"

A spokesman for Cambridge Pet Crematorium said: “Our staff at CPC are passionate about their work and endeavour to provide the highest possible levels of service, recognising as we do the significance of the service we provide and the emotional turmoil that each pet owner is already experiencing.

“It is never our intention to cause further distress to an already bereft pet owner and on this occasion, it is obvious we have. 

“We have spoken to Mr Hine and have offered our sincere condolences and apologies. This matter has now been resolved between CPC and Mr Hine.”