An MP says he "looking forward to making his case" as he gets set to face a no-confidence vote later this month.

David Gauke says he has "not wilfully obstructed" the Brexit process, with members of the South West Herts Conservative Association (SWHCA) voting on whether their Tory MP has "stuck to his commitments".

In February this year, Tim Groves, reportedly a Conservative voter, from Berkhamsted, joined the SWCHA. He joined and started a petition to trigger a no confidence vote, which needed 50 signatures - and has now been achieved.

In April, Mr Gauke, who voted remain at the 2016 referendum, met with Mr Groves. The political activist told his MP that he "would not proceed" and try to deselect Mr Gauke if he supported no deal but Mr Gauke said he made it "fundamentally clear" he wouldn't say something he "disagreed with".

Speaking to the Observer, Mr Gauke, who has voted three times for Theresa May's Brexit deal, said: "I have not been guilty of wilfully obstructing the Brexit process and I am looking forward to making my case later this month.

"I voted three times for Mrs May's deal but I am not a supporter of no deal - I was very vociferous in opposing no deal.

"I have had many messages of support from members - we have around 600 in total so around one in 12 have signed this petition."

On Twitter, Mr Gauke says Mr Groves "won't have any influence on how he behaves" and responded with the facepalm emoji when he was accused of wilful obstruction.



The special general meeting, scheduled for June 28 at Kings Langley Community Hall, will discuss and vote upon the following motion.

Watford Observer:

This letter was sent out by the association informing members of a special general meeting on June 28

"No confidence in our MP, David Gauke, on account of his wilful obstruction to the implementation of the result of the 2016 referendum, and his refusal to act upon the commitments made in the Conservative manifesto at the time of the last general election, and on which he was elected".

Leave.EU founder Aaron Banks has been pushing for the deselection of Conservative MPs who have been perceived as frustrating the Brexit process.

The group's website gives instructions on how to join the Conservative Party, research your local MP's voting record on Brexit, and then call a Special General Meeting to begin what they call deselection.

The South West Herts Conservative Association has been approached for comment.