A row of small trees have been vandalised again leaving a community calling for more security.

At the end of April, a number of “beautiful” small trees in Langley Way, near Cassiobury Park, were destroyed. It was described by the Cassiobury Residents Association as “appalling”.

The Mayor of Watford condemned the vandalism and the council planted new trees – which were destroyed again last night.

Watford Observer:

Katie Snell, who lives in the area, said: “Residents are really upset and would appreciate some help putting an end to this mindless act.

“As it keeps happening, we feel it’s important there’s now a deterrent to stop it happening again. Perhaps signs or temporary cameras might stop this?”

Another resident added: “I think it’s time we had CCTV at the park entrances as more and more groups of youths are coming out of park and roaming the estate.

"Most importantly, we’d like to get the street lights back on in the evenings. After midnight it’s a nightmare and the place is pitch black. It is totally unsafe and being next to the park, it’s asking for trouble.”

Watford Observer:

Mr Taylor has described the damage to the trees as a “mindless act” and says the council will try and salvage the trees it can and replace the ones which can’t be saved.

He added: "We are working with the police and residents to find the culprits and try and stop this from happening again."