A new beaver colony has recruited 17 young people to the Scout movement.

The 64th Bushey and Oxhey Beaver scouts’ group, which consists of young people aged between six to eight, is now appealing for more adult volunteers.

The scouting group is entirely run by volunteers and is looking for people to work as secretary treasurers and share skills such as baking, car mechanics, walking or sailing to the scouts.

Any additional volunteers would support Chris Wright, the district commissioner for Watford South for a month-long period.

There has been an increasing interest from young children, as around 35 young children had either joined or were placed on a waiting list when the group launched in early May.

This week, 20 young people made the Beaver promise when they joined the Scout Association.

Upcoming events for the Beavers include a district boat race, where the group meets other beavers from across Watford in Cassiobury Park to race their home-made boats down the river, a district sports day, a campsite fun day and regular weekly meetings.

Anyone who wants to volunteers should contact Mr Wright on 0717340739 or by email at: dc@watfordsouthscouts.org.uk.