Drivers in Bushey are being warned to keep their cars safe after a spate of thefts in the area.

According to a neighbourhood watch group, three cars were stolen and it is believed there was a further attempted car break-in over the past few days.

A Mercedes CLS350 was stolen from a driveway in Clapgate Road on June 11 at about 1.43am.

The next day, a Range Rover Sport was stolen from a driveway in Woodlands Road between 8.30pm on June 12 and 7am on June 13.

During a similar time period - between 7pm on June 12 and 7am the morning after - a BMW M3 was stolen from a driveway in Cotswold Avenue.

The watch group said there was a further attempted break-in in Coldharbour Lane. Police believe someone was trying to get the keys for the Audi parked on the driveway.

All three of the stolen vehicles were keyless and in one piece of CCTV footage, someone is seen to be waving what is believed to be a scanner along the front of the property to pick up the frequency of the keys within.

Owners with a keyless vehicle are being asked to keep their keys in a pouch that blocks the signal.

Anyone with information regarding any of these crimes is encouraged to call 101 quoting crime numbers: 41/52328/19, 41/52983/19, 41/52965/19 and 41/52948/19, respectively.