An 11-year-old boy has spent nine years donating money he receives for his birthday to a children's charity.

To date, Rocco Che Desai, from Chorleywood, has raised £5,000 for the NSPCC giving up the chance of birthday presents to help kids in need.

In celebration of his 11th birthday, Rocco, with the help of his grandma, baked 21 cakes for the Great German Cake Challenge, which he sold to friends and neighbours - with all money raised going to the NSPCC.

Rocco spent hours knocking on the doors of his neighbours, and one of his cakes sold for £55.

Watford Observer:

Rocco and his grandmother made 21 cakes

Rocco said: "My parents felt strongly that people didn’t need to waste their money on buying presents for me, when I had plenty of toys and some children even have a happy and safe home.

"In the first couple of years I didn’t really understand what my parents were doing, but I began asking questions at the age of four when I realised my friends where receiving so many gifts.

"Until this year I have always donated my birthday money but now that I am a bit older I felt I should also do something requiring more personal effort.

"I like that the NSPCC helps children to see themselves and their situation differently. It helps them to choose the way they want to live their lives going forward.

"Being recognised for my hard work means my friends listen to me more when I talk about the NSPCC and the work they do."