It’s wonderful news that Watford FC have committed to pay the real Living Wage.

In response to Watford Labour’s campaign, the club have announced that they’ll be putting the rate - currently £9 an hour - in place for match day staff.

The Living Wage increases every year; it’s calculated by the Living Wage Foundation to meet the cost of living.

However, there are some important things we still need to know.

Firstly, the club haven’t said when they will put the rate in place.

Secondly, the club haven’t committed to signing up with the Living Wage Foundation, which would mean putting the Living Wage in place to third party contracted staff like cleaners, caterers and security staff.

One in five employees across the UK earn less than the real Living Wage.

In-work poverty is a huge issue: two thirds of children growing up in poverty have at least one parent in work.

The cost of living in Watford is high.

We need our flagship employers - the football club, the council, the Intu centre - to take a stand and ensure that everyone that goes to work to make Watford as great as it is can earn a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work.

Emma Kosmin

By email