A footballer has been suspended by Watford Football Club after a video showing a mass brawl at Royal Ascot was brought to the club's attention.

Reece Miller, 18, a third year academy striker, is now under disciplinary investigation, the club confirmed.

The decision to suspend the player came after a video emerged of a mass fight in the Windsor Enclosure - the economy section of the Berkshire racecourse - at around 3.20pm last Friday (June 21).

The footage shows a group of men shoving and punching each other. Guests watched in shock as the fight spread into a seated bar area - and a woman dressed in blue is then knocked off her chair.

Another woman, dressed in red, is also thrown off her seat as a man is shoved into her, before he was stamped on the ground.

Watford Observer:

(Video: SWNS)

A Watford FC spokesman said regarding Mr Miller's suspension: "We are treating this matter with the utmost seriousness. The club will not tolerate any behaviour which tarnishes its image and a full disciplinary investigation is now in process.

"As soon as the footage was brought to the club's attention, an immediate decision was taken to suspend the player.

"He will now face an inquiry with all disciplinary options available to the club. There will be no further comment until the investigation is completed."

According to Thames Valley Police, three people were arrested in relation to the mass brawl: two men, aged 59 from Epsom and aged 26 from Chelmsford, and a woman, aged 26 from Chelmsford. 

They have all been released under investigation. 

An eyewitness claimed the punch-up started when two drunk lads bumped into each other and proceeded to shove each other.

The witness said: "Two guys started pushing and shoving each other. Then a fight broke out, throwing punches and knocking girls over.

"I was shocked by it. I couldn't believe my eyes. You don't expect to see that at Ascot."