Nominate your Watford Star for an Audentior Award before the deadline closes.

Watford's Audentior Awards were set up 14 years ago to celebrate the people who go the extra mile to help friends, family or people around them. It recognises the unsung heroes who make Watford a better place.

To encourage people get nominating, local filmmakers Ian Port and Steve Martin from Think About It Films have put together a video.

Mr Port explained he and Mr Martin had a longstanding relationship with the council, producing all sorts of films and adverts over the years.

He said: “The council are keen on our creative approach and we were delighted to help encourage more people nominate ‘Watford Stars' for the Awards.

“We needed to explain the ‘type' of person deserving ‘an Audentior’ – the energy, commitment and versatility, plus the local angle. That way, viewers think: ‘you know what, I know someone and I’ll nominate him or her.

“We came up with a ‘catch all’ figure, doing positive things in recognisable Watford locations. Like always, Mayor Peter Taylor and Events Officer, Helen Smith, encouraged us to ‘go the extra mile’ too. So, we did!

“Shooting involved an actor, dressed head to toe in a purple body suit, in busy Saturday locations. That way we could project the stars onto the body, symbolising what the Awards are about: recognising Watford Stars.

“Nobody batted an eyelid” grinned Ian “even when, embarrassingly, the suit burst open and we had to stitch our starry man back together again in the High Street”.

“Watford’s all about going the extra mile” Ian concluded “and we hope the ad means more nominations for Watford Stars than ever before”.

There are eight award categories in the awards, including carer of the year, charity worker of the year, public service of the year, pride in Watford, young achiever of the year under 25, contribution to sport and healthy living, the chairman’s culture award and the Mayor's special achievement award.

Nominations close on Friday July 12.

The ceremony takes place on Friday October 11 at Watford Colosseum.

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