A café is under investigation after a young mum said she thought she might die from an allergic reaction.

Holly Parkinson from Watford, who has a peanut allergy, had bought a brownie from Daisy’s In the Park in Cassiobury Park and was unaware it had nuts in. She said it had been advertised as just a chocolate brownie.

But after taking a bite, the 26-year-old found it had a melted Snickers chocolate bar in it. Her tongue started to swell and lumps started to grow in her mouth.

Ms Parkinson’s EpiPen had stopped the swelling for a few minutes, but after an ambulance arrived, she struggled to breathe.

She said: “I needed more steroids since I could not breathe and I was rushed to the resuscitation unit.

“I was really anxious. When I was in hospital I thought I was going to die.”

Ms Parkinson visited the café at about 11.25am on Tuesday (July 9) with a friend, who had apparently asked a worker at the shop if the brownie had nuts in after Ms Parkinson took a bite.

It was then that the worker allegedly wrote an ‘N’ next to the brownie, to indicate that it contained nuts.

But David Wright, 49, who is a director of Daisy’s In The Park, disputed Ms Parkinson’s claim that the brownie was advertised without nuts.

He said: “If it was a Snickers brownie it would have had an ‘N’ on it and there is also a sign dictating what the allergen is from 'N'.

“Allergens is something we have done a lot of work on. We also have two signs, one by the till and one by the cakes that say some products may not be suitable for those with severe allergies.”

Mr Wright did not comment when asked if the brownie was advertised as a Snickers or chocolate brownie, but said the issue was being taken "seriously".

He added it was important Ms Parkinson was “okay” and the café would need to improve if things were not being done right.

Trading Standards will be visiting the café to carry out an investigation over the incident.

Justine Hoy, head of community protection at Watford Borough Council said: "While the council does not regulate food labelling at restaurants or cafes such as Daisy's, we have had assurances from Daisy’s that the allergens were clearly marked and all staff at the café are trained.

“Given the serious nature of the incident, we are pleased there will be a formal investigation by Trading Standards. We are unable to comment further until the outcome is known but we hope the lady affected is making a full recovery.”