Police say 17 people have been injured after a car ploughed into a crowd of people at a charity car meet-up last night.

Emergency services from across Hertfordshire were called to Monkswood Way in Stevenage at about 9.45pm after reports of a serious collision.

A video of the incident shows a car pulling out of a retail park colliding with a second car which was flying down Monkswood Way. The blue car then veers off-road into a group of people who had gathered to watch the event.

Police say two people are seriously injured - casualties have been taken to Watford General Hospital, the Lister Hospital in Stevenage, and the Princess Alexandra Hospital in Harlow.

A video shows the moment the two cars collide on the A602 in Stevenage. Warning: Some readers may find the footage distressing

Organiser Rix Sidhu said it was the first time the Cruise-Herts group, dubbed 'Hertfordshire's Number 1 Modified and Performance Car Community', had suffered any serious incident in its 17-year history, with static meets often held in closed-off spaces where enthusiasts show off their modified vehicles.

Mr Sidhu said the meet was being help in aid of the 4Louis charity, an organisation which supports those affected by miscarriage, stillbirth and the death of a baby or child.

Watford Observer:

Rix Sidhu speaking in Stevenage today. Photo: PA

Mr Sidhu told the Press Association a small number of cars "went rogue" and left the car park, where crowds lined the 40mph main road to capture footage of the vehicles at speed.

This is where the crash happened. Credit: Google Street View

Watford Observer:

Police are appealing for witnesses. Photo: PA

Describing the incident, Mr Sidhu said the crash involved a Nissan 350Z and a Toyota GT86.

He said: "We saw the car (Toyota) come into the car park and recklessly do a donut manoeuvre. It pulled out of the car park on to the main road and then it was hit by the Nissan, which was coming at speed. I'd say at least 60 or 70mph.

"There were several younger people in the crowd, but they weren't kids. They were about 18 years old-plus. It was horrific, the crash.

"We are first-aid trained, just in case, and members of the public were really good too, helping us get to those who were injured.

"There was one woman who couldn't walk, we had to get four of us to carry her to safety.

"I'm thankful that nobody died.

"Nobody wanted this, we try so hard to make sure this doesn't happen, we beg people not to race on the roads, if they want to race, there are places they can go for that, tracks where they can go at speed."

He said organisers had taken the decision to cancel all further meets.

No one is believed to have been arrested in connection with the incident.

Watford Observer:

Police in Monkswood Way today. Photo: PA

Anyone who witnessed what happened and who may have any footage of the incident is asked not to share it and email OPtephra@herts.pnn.police.uk