Firstly congratulations to reporter Nathan Louis for his article (Bold plans to reshape town centre, Watford Observer, June 28).

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The list of relevant considerations is vast, probably well exceeding the faults of the now demolished Watford Leisure Swimming Baths on the old Benskin’s brewery site.

I choose to suggest a few preliminary considerations, mainly from an environmental approach:

1) What will the plan do to traffic flow, public safety and air quality?

2) What will the plan do for the access of people with limited mobility and parking proximity for emergency and service vehicles?

3) Can the planning committee limit or prevent gas mains supply to new developments for safety, cost and environmental reasons?

4) Can Watford Borough Council and the planning committee encourage or influence the use of induction electric hobs for cooking to save energy and costs to users?

5) Does the plan to relocate the museum solve their storage space problem?

I end there in the interest of brevity and to encourage others to write briefly.

Roger Stuart