Photos taken by a coach company boss show the disgusting state their vehicles are routinely left in after school trips.

Piles of chocolate wrappers, crisp packets and drinks bottles litter the aisle, with plastic bags and tissues left on the floor and dirt ground into the seats.

Peter Evans, managing director of Watford-based Minibus Executive Travel, did not mention the school concerned, but said that during school trip season his coaches are frequently left in similar states.

He said: “Pupils wouldn’t leave those messes in their own homes, so shouldn’t be allowed on the coach.”

Mr Evans blames teachers who do not take any notice of the chaos children are leaving.

He said: “Teachers sit down the front of the coach either talking to fellow teacher, looking through the window or falling asleep with not a care in the world about what their beloved pupils are doing behind them.

“The teachers get paid to look after kids on a school trip. They are not getting paid to play on their phone or look out of a window.

“They have got to take some blame for this.”

After the trip, drivers are left with the burden of having to clear up, taking them around half an hour to clean up the coaches.

Mr Evans added: “These coaches cost around £200,000 and you would hope people would behave themselves.

“If someone goes in your car and they make a mess everywhere, would you want to take them out again?”

Mr Evans felt pupils should face punishment such as detention for such anti-social behaviour and wasting his drivers’ time.

He said: “The teachers should say to the pupils ‘any mess and you are off the bus’.”