An aspiring doctor with Leukaemia only has weeks to find a bone marrow donor to save her life.

Watford schoolgirl Sheena Shah has had chemotherapy for just over a month and needs to find a bone marrow match to help continue her treatment.

But the 18-year-old said that it is hard to find anyone in the UK due to her Indian heritage.

If Ms Shah does not find a match, her parents will donate bone marrow. However, she said doctors have warned this may not be successful since they are not a match.

Ms Shah said: “I need a donor who I can match with badly given that there are no matches in the UK at the moment.

“I can’t keep having chemotherapy because as you relapse, that reduces the number of options of medicines out there.”

Ms Shah had been halfway through her A-levels when she started to relapse earlier this year. In July doctors had diagnosed her with Leukemia.

She had volunteered in a ward at the University College London Hospital before her diagnosis and has now been admitted to the same ward as a patient.

Ms Shah’s family has since launched a global campaign for people to join the bone marrow register to find her a match.

Family friend Snehal Shah, 24, from Harrow, said: “I am very terrified for her.

“It is wonderful that she wants to be a doctor and it is very important for her to be positive.”

“I hope she achieves her dream of becoming a doctor and will inspire others achieve their dreams.”