Supermarkets should allow customers to refill milk bottles in an attempt to cut down on plastic waste, a councillor suggested.

Kings Langley Dacorum borough councillor Alan Anderson says there are now 140 venues across the borough where residents can refill their water bottles – a move designed to cut demand for single-use plastics.

Cllr Anderson, who is responsible for environmental services, believes supermarkets should do the same with milk.

Speaking at a meeting of the Hertfordshire Waste Partnership, Cllr Anderson said: “If we can do that with water bottles, maybe we – as a partnership – can lobby the government to do something with milk and supermarkets.

“How many people, when buying milk in supermarkets, are buying it in plastic bottles?

“Maybe there could be the opportunity to buy milk in a supermarket with their own bottles, which could cut down on the number of plastics.”

Chair of the Partnership Cllr Terry Hone – the county council’s executive member for community safety and waste management – said it was “a good thought”.

But he said with six different types of milk, it could be a struggle. He said that kind of direction would have to come “down from above”.

During the meeting it was pointed out that a small number of farms do already offered a similar service to customers, with unpasteurised milk.

Welwyn Hatfield councillor Stephen Boulton highlighted French supermarkets that he had seen offering customers the opportunity to refill their own wine bottles.