A Snapchat video that appeared to show a female clubber drinking a bottle of urine was allegedly a “dumb joke that wasn’t real”.

Footage has circulated on the social media app and on Twitter of a man urinating into a drinks bottle inside the Pryzm nightclub toilets in Watford town centre.

Watford Observer:

A clubber is filmed urinating into a bottle in one of the toilets at Pryzm nightclub in Watford

The Snapchat footage then cuts to the dancefloor and a girl swigging from what looks like the same bottle before appearing to grimace.

The video is accompanied by the caption ‘this is the biggest violation’.

Watford Observer:

A girl can be seen drinking in a clip that immediately followed the man urinating into a bottle, alongside the above caption, suggesting it is the same bottle in both clips

The video was condemned by Twitter users.

Watford Observer:

Watford Observer:

Watford Observer:

Watford Observer:

But someone who shared the video on Twitter, before later deleting it, tweeted: “GUYS, the boys in this video have just explained the snaps were put together by another boy as a dumb joke and that this ISN’T REAL.

“The boy and girl have said that it’s not true but they both feel humiliated right now whilst receiving backlash.”

The Observer has not been able to verify whether either the video or the claim is true.

Pryzm has confirmed the man pictured in the video did attend the club and the footage was shot in Watford.

The club added that it did not receive any complaints on the night and became aware of the footage on Tuesday.

Regardless of whether the video was fake or not, Pryzm says it does “not tolerate” this kind of behaviour.

A statement from Pryzm Watford said: “Despite this video being a fake, we still do not condone or tolerate this type of behaviour in our club. Any customers found to be behaving in this manner will not be welcome in our venue.”