Watford's Brexit Party candidate says he is waiting in the wings to ensure 2016's referendum result is respected.

Father-of-two William Berry, 42, who lives in Nascot Wood, Watford, has been announced as the town's party representative if and when a general election is called.

He says if UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is unable to deliver Brexit, the Brexit Party is the "only credible option for people who wish to respect the 2016 referendum and democracy in general".

A former Tory voter, Mr Berry, who moved to Watford two years ago, said he campaigned for Leave in 2016 and says it is "unacceptable" that the UK has still not left the EU.

He says he would prefer to leave the EU with a deal but a deal that is "significantly different" to the current withdrawal deal. He thinks there is little option now but to prepare for no-deal and revisit negotiations after the UK has left.

Watford Observer:

He said: "In the 2016 referendum 50.3 per cent of Watford residents voted to leave the EU. The fact that three years later we have still not left is unacceptable."

Mr Berry said he wants to leave the EU because he believes the UK should be a sovereign nation, he believes the money sent to the EU should be spent on UK services, and he wants UK laws to be made by UK politicians who are accountable to UK voters.

Mr Berry added: "I was once pro EU but started having doubts in 2005 when Tony Blair gave away a significant amount of our rebate in exchange for nothing but promised reforms of the Common Agricultural Policy - the EU policy to provide financial support to farmers in member states - which came to nothing.

"I have a lot of Remainer friends. I have a lot of time for them and I do understand their point of view but I just don't understand how the referendum result can be reversed without us losing credibility."

Watford Observer:

'Honoured' by his selection in Watford, Mr Berry, who has worked at director level at a variety of start up businesses for 20 years, added that a "split vote" does concern him because his overriding priority is to leave the EU.

The party candidate believes the UK has the ability to be the EU's "biggest customer" if if the country leaves and although he acknowledges there could be "massive disruption" to supply chains, he does not blame that on a No Deal Brexit.

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