An Oxhey Village local has slammed the idea of introducing parking controls into the area.

Paul Henley Washford, who lives in the area, said there was “confusion, anger and chaos over the ‘pay to park’ fiasco”.

A consultation conducted in 2018 by Watford Borough Council found 76% of people from Oxhey Village felt there was a parking problem and 69% would support parking controls.

But Mr Washford felt if parking controls are introduced, it could result in several problems.

He said: “Visitors and guests will get parking tickets when they pop by to visit and permit charge will increase year on year.

“Care workers will find it impossible to look after the elderly and infirm in the area and people will still find it difficult to park because it’s a busy urban area.”

Mr Washford added a survey produced by the council in 2018 concluded there was a parking problem and was not sent to everyone in the area.

He said: “The whole exercise has been deeply floored, lazy and un-democratic.

“If our local councillors are genuinely concerned about honesty and informed opinion, they should issue a properly worded survey, including the boxes to answer to all the questions, addressed to all the residents of Oxhey Village.”

Currently the council is engaging with locals to develop a scheme which will address their parking concerns.

Final details of the proposals will not be confirmed until later this year.

Oxhey ward councillor Iain Sharpe, who is also portfolio holder for Regeneration & Development, said: “There are strong views amongst Oxhey residents about controlled parking, with some strongly in favour, some strongly against and others undecided.

“We are consulting residents in those parts of the ward who showed initial support for permit parking and who said they thought there was a parking problem to find out whether they now wish for such a scheme to be implemented.”

Drop in sessions to answer people’s questions have been arranged as part of the engagement process with locals, which are taking place from 5pm- 8pm, 16 & 30 August.