Employees at a hospital have claimed they are not being paid their full wages at the end of each month.

Several porters and domestic staff working at Watford General Hospital are paid by Mitie, an outsourcing and energy services company.

Two members of staff have contacted the Observer saying they have not been paid for all the hours they have worked.

One, who did not wish to be named, felt that people were being done a “great injustice” in not having the full amount of money paid to them.

The employee said: “I am sick of it.

“I have to put food on the table and it puts me and other workers in a bad position.

“This is very disheartening and very upsetting; it puts me under financial strain.”

Another staff member paid by Mitie, who also wished to be anonymous, claimed they were being underpaid around £100 per month consistently since the start of the year.

In response to the claims, a spokesperson from Mitie said: “We’re committed to ensuring that all our employees are paid the correct amount and on time.

“However, as with any business, pay errors can occur from time-to-time. We have a dedicated wage query process to ensure any issues are resolved quickly.

“We encourage any affected employees to contact us as soon as possible if they experience any issues with their pay.”

The company said reasons for pay issues could be down to administrative or employee errors, such as clocking in and out incorrectly.

It also said an electronic system was put in place to help improve the accuracy of the payroll process.

Sally Tucker, chief operating officer at West Herts Hospitals NHS Trust added: “We are working with Mitie to ensure that all their employees working at our hospital sites are paid correctly and on time and hope that this situation can be resolved quickly.”