RE: Oxhey Controlled Parking

Having attended the drop-in session on Monday evening, the general feeling in what turned out to be a forum rather than an opportunity to ask questions and gain clarifications and answers, was how inadequate the process has been and how poor the council have been at informing residents of the facts.

The council officers appeared to be poorly prepared and unable to answer questions such as how many residents responded to the initial survey, what is the cost for a permit for a business, etc.

However, the key message, that was clearly voiced by Cllr Iain Sharpe and a council officer, was: “This is not cast in stone, the consultation is still very much open to all residents”.

So people of Oxhey, please don’t leave this to your neighbours and others around you. Please engage with this process, it’s where you and your family live.

We need to collectively get this right for everyone, now and in the future.

Andrew Filer