Motorists have hit out at a set of new parking spaces with one describing the new scheme as 'ludicrous'.

Three Rivers District Council has come underfire after parking spaces appeared on one side of Station Road in Kings Langley a couple of weeks ago.

Permit holders will be able to park there between 9am and 5pm but there will be no restrictions outside of those hours.

Watford Observer:

Drivers are concerned that when vehicles are parked in these spaces, it will prevent them from being able to get past

John Hodgkins lives in Kings Langley.

He said: "My wife works in Abbots and so we use this road regularly. These parking spaces have got to be the most ludicrous idea yet. Whoever designed this has never seen the traffic queues past the station towards the traffic lights at peak times.

"HGV's trying to leave from the nearby yard and make a left turn will be hard pressed to complete the turn before the first parking bay, and will be confronted by oncoming head-on traffic. The parking bays as marked are ridiculously small and anyone trying to parallel park will cause major delays."

Station Road - drivers have raised concerns about the distance between the spaces and the traffic lights

Watford Observer:

Only permit holders can park between the hours of 9am and 5pm

Laura Barnard said: "Lorries will not have room to reverse when they realise they can’t go under the bridge. I live on Primrose Hill and travel along Station Road to my daughter's school. Along with the traffic lights I'm expecting this to add on about twenty minutes to my current ten minute journey. I wouldn't want to buy those permits as those cars will end up scratched. My seven year old commented how stupid an idea it was."

Angela Mary Whitehead added: "I use this road regularly, this is absolute madness and far too close to the lights. It will result in complete snarl ups. How any traffic consultant could think this would work is beyond me."

Watford Observer:

The council says the correct procedure was carried out for consultation but has suggested it is willing to review the scheme to ensure the "bays meet all requirements."

The council says objections to the scheme were received, which resulted in the scheme being subsequently amended. A public consultation was held in June 2018, and public notices were published in this newspaper, online, and on the street.

Both the county council and the police gave the scheme the all-clear, and as a result, the district council approved the scheme, which was designed by two firms of traffic specialists.

The legal traffic order was advertised in June this year and after a six-week period saw no legal challenges, the lines were painted.

Drivers can buy permits for the spaces which are available to any member of the public by applying to the council.

Anyone with any comments about the scheme can submit them to