A pub and live music venue that has hosted legendary bands says high running costs and dwindling weekday trade have left it struggling financially.

The owners of The Horns in Watford town centre are now appealing for investment and have called on the community for support.

The Hempstead Road pub is one of Hertfordshire’s top live music venues and the mother and daughter who run it, Jan and Jane Giles, say bands continue to queue up for a chance to play there.

Watford Observer:

Manager Jane said: “At the weekends we are really busy but it is a different story during the week.

“We have open mics, children’s mics, charity events. Just this year we will have staged 275 events featuring 920 acts.

“We have incredible performers every day apart from Friday, but the numbers are too low. We are passionate about Watford and we love live music but things have been difficult.

"So we are prepared to give away some of the place to make this work, especially because there could be really exciting times ahead.”

Watford Observer:

Jan (left) and Jane Giles at a New Year event at The Horns

Watford Borough Council has proposed a cultural hub around the town hall with the aim of creating a focus for arts, culture, and music - and The Horns could play a huge part in the plan if it can stay open long enough to be a part of it.

Famous faces who have performed at The Horns include Paul Young, Chas & Dave, and Dr Feelgood. The Spitfires and The Staves performed there as students.

Watford Observer:

Jane has been involved with The Horns since 2008. She and company director Jan took it on in 2014.

She added: “Everyone wants to play here. They come from across the UK and Europe but they end up performing in front of small crowds. People need to come out and support live music during the week.

“We need support from someone who can invest with us but they have to love live music. This place is so special and so important and we need some help.”

If you would like to know more information about The Horns' situation are interested in investing in The Horns, email hornswatford@gmail.com or call 01923225020.