In response to Councillor Iain Sharpe’s letter dated 2nd August (Not one-size-fits-all), to clarify, at no point did I offer an opinion, I purely wished to raise the concerns about the process being used by the council.

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Councillor Sharpe has missed the point, the emotive question, was “Do you experience parking problems” which people will respond to as it is emotive, but without knowing the implications.

Introducing permits does NOT guarantee residents will be able to park outside their house, it does not guarantee they will be able to park in their road and if different zones are implemented, does not guarantee they will be able to park in their zone or an adjacent one.

So here are some direct questions, Why:

1. Are the facts, the costs, impact not being shared openly with the whole community so they can properly engage in the process with a clear understanding?

2. Has this stage been conducted to coincide with the school summer holidays, when families are away, or pre-occupied with family life?

3. Have different letters and maps been sent to different areas of the community, without informing the whole community of all the proposals, e.g. the proposal for 2 areas is a 2 hour permit, but 8.30am to 6.30 in another? Residents were unaware different letters and proposals were sent.

4. Have some areas been excluded from the final stages of the consultation, when the impact of implementing any controlled parking will directly impact them in the future, but then they will have no voice?

I believe the council engaged a consultant to assess the parking in Oxhey, what were the findings, why are these not being referred to, and are they available in the public domain?

All people want is to be informed to be able to engage to allow them to make an informed decision.

William Carre

By email