Neighbours say the introduction of a parking control scheme will making parking 'worse' and not better.

A review of parking in Croxley Green is in its final stage and a number of streets in the village have been earmarked for potential permit parking.

In particular, those living in Dickinson Square have protested to Three Rivers District Council's proposals.

Ten roads are in line for controls, and parking would be restricted to just permit holders between midday and 1pm. Households would be entitled to two permits.

Jeni Swift-Gillett, who spoke to the Observer back in November about the plans, said this week: "Parking here is not a problem. There is no evidence of commuter parking here. I don't think any of the streets need controlled parking. Having one of these zones will make parking worse, not better."

Watford Observer:

Watford Observer:

Photos taken in Dickinson Square, which has no off-street parking, on Tuesday at around 12.45pm.

As part of the scheme, some spaces in Dickinson Square and Dickinson Avenue would be lost, such as near street corners. Residents in these streets submitted a petition during stage two of the consultation saying they would support the scheme if new lines were not painted.

The council says it cannot allow parking at a location where it is unlawful or unsafe.

Karl Deimbacher has accused the council of not being down to the street after plans showed parking bays in front of his garage.

Watford Observer:

Mr Deimbacher's garage in Dickinson Square

He said: "When I questioned the council about this, they told me it was rough plans. So I have to ask, why are we being asked to comment on rough plans? This is ill-conceived and nonsense.

"This is a money making scheme. The same number of cars will be fighting over fewer spaces and we will be paying for the privilege of it."

The council says it is unlawful for any person to obstruct a crossover or dropped kerb without the permission of the occupier.

David Richardson, who has lived in the area for 25 years, says he has been knocking on the doors of people living in Dickinson Square and Dickinson Avenue with a petition. Anyone who signs it is saying they do not support any form of parking scheme in the streets.

He said: "It's become very clear to me there is hardly anyone in favour of this scheme."

Watford Observer:

Dickinson Avenue on Tuesday lunchtime

Stage one consultation found that people living in Dickinson Square and Dickinson Avenue were "strongly opposed" to any parking controls but after the petition was submitted during stage two, the council decided to include the streets in the final review.

Chairman of Croxley Residents Association Barry Grant believes the council could have provided more information about the proposals and does not believe the knock-on effect of a scheme has been considered.

Mr Grant, who lives in a part of Frankland Road which is not part of the final review, said: "I'm disappointed there does not seem to have been enough work put into analysing what issues are on each road I do not think Croxley has a serious enough parking issue right now and we need to look at the overall impact on the community. Streets outside the zone are likely to be affected."

The streets included in the final review are Watford Road - near Croxley station, Beechcroft Avenue, Hazelwood Road, Frankland Road (east), Nuttfield Close, The Crescent, Gonville Avenue, Dickinson Square, Dickinson Avenue, and New Road.

Watford Observer:

The Crescent, Tuesday lunchtime

Watford Observer:

Hazelwood Road, Tuesday lunchtime

Watford Observer:

Watford Road, Croxley

Watford Observer:

Frankland Road

When the Observer visited the streets in question at around 12.45pm on Tuesday, there were spaces available in most of the streets listed in the review.

The council says consultations were launched following "many requests" over the years seeking parking controls in Croxley.

A spokesperson said: "There has been more than one consultation in each road to gauge opinions. However, we expect some people’s views will change now that they can see firm proposals.

"Any concerns and observations will be reported as the purpose of the current consultation is to ensure that the final proposal is shaped by feedback from and supported by local people, for whose benefit the scheme is primarily designed. 

"The scheme background has been presented to relevant councillors at every stage of the process.

"They have to be satisfied that there is support for a scheme, as they take the decisions and council policy is to progress new residents’ parking schemes only where there is evidenced support."

Find out more about the scheme bu clicking the following link and scrolling down to 'Croxley Parking Review'