Three Rivers District councillors say they are open to the review of the proposed HS2 railway line but remain opposed to the project that is intended to bridge cities across England and cut intercity journey times.

The Department for Transport (DfT) has announced that there will be an independent review, which will consider the “realistic potential” for cost reductions due to concerns that the railway cannot be built to its current specification within the £55.7 billion budget.

To cut costs, amending the scope of the project by reducing the speed of the trains or altering the route plans and proposed phases of the project is being considered.

While the proposed project promises to increase trade, boost tourism and regenerate towns and cities, Three Rivers District Council has opposed the railway due to a proposed workers’ village in Maple Cross causing traffic and raising residential complaints.

Ward councillor for Chorleywood South and Maple Cross Cllr Phil Williams said: “It’s obviously a good idea getting from one end of the country to another, but the whole process has been poorly executed and it’s been mishandled.

“For example, they closed Chalfront Lane two years ago and still haven’t put up a school crossing which was promised.

“We have regular meetings where they promise to do something and still nothing is done. There’s a great blue control fence which can be seen six miles away. Concerned residents understood the purpose of the fence but wished for it to be painted green so it’s less noticeable. Even though they promised to paint it they still haven’t. It can be seen across Maple Cross and West Hyde.”

Regarding cutting down the costs, He said: “I’m sure they can, there’s a lot of people working there making six figure salaries, and I think the idea is a good one, so they’ll find a way.”

Fellow Liberal Democrat ward councillor Cllr Martin Trevett said: “I welcome the idea; we all support improvements to local transport. But it’s too expensive a project. You must question the viability.

“I’d be very interested to see the outcome of the review, we are members opposed to the project, but if there is a re-route that goes away from Three Rivers then fair enough. It’s difficult to give my thoughts on the review until we see the true outcome.”

Among possible revisions to the plans are: making Old Oak Common the London terminus instead of Euston, even if temporarily, , building only phase 1 – between London and Birmingham, combining phase 2a – extending the line to Crewe - with phase 1, or altering the plans for Phase 2b which currently involves taking the line to Manchester and Leeds.