Place your bets on which places in Hertfordshire takes part in betting the most and where is most likely to win.

Watford is the most likely town in Hertfordshire to places bets the most according to data collected by Lottoland, an online betting service.

The research found that 5,342 of Lottoland bets in 2018, including bets placed on the MegaMillions, Powerball and Cash4Life Lottoland games, were from Watford.

Hertfordshire’s second most likely town for betting appears to be Stevenage, with 3,872 bets in 2018.

Hemel Hempstead followed third with 3,130 bets in 2018. Abbots Langley reportedly saw the least bets on Lottoland, with just 506 bets.

While the towns were most prone for betting in Hertfordshire, they did not share an equally high success rate.

In fact, Bushey ranked first as the town with the highest win ratio with 53 per cent. This was followed by Ware with 53 per cent, Abbots Langley with 30 per cent, Harpenden with 27 per cent and Hatfield with 27 per cent.

Alongside its higher win ratio, Bushey also ranked as the town with the highest wins in Hertfordshire. 919 of the 1,738 bets placed in Bushey were wins, while Bushey saw 896 wins out of the 2,664 bets placed.

Watford had the third highest number of wins, with 894 wins out of the 5,342 bets placed, despite its relatively low win ratio 17 per cent.