After reading the front page of last week’s Watford Observer regarding the demolition of the former Lloyds Bank building in St Albans Road. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that more of the town’s architectural history and heritage is not going to get a postponement of execution from the inevitable fate of the wrecking ball. I just can’t understand why Watford Borough Council’s planning committee refused planning permission for the original plans for 14 flats above the locally listed bank premises. At least the original plans would have spared the inevitable fate of the wrecking ball.

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I have lost count over the years of so many attractive old buildings in Watford that have not been spared the inevitable fate of the demolition companies. Watford was once home to several beautiful art deco designed cinemas that played a part for the commencement of many couples’ lasting relationships.

Also just like banks and cinemas education has also been subjected to the wrecking ball. The town at one time could be proud of several secondary modern schools of art deco design, just like Leggatts Way Secondary School that was built in 1934. Now, with the town crying out for secondary modern schools all these schools have been bulldozed flat. Watford does not want developers sticking up accommodation for people to buy that they then let out to people to rent. Watford needs social housing on a large scale for families and couples to rent. I just hope we can hold onto the architectural history that we have left.

Ernie Mackenzie

Gammons Lane, Watford